Kittyville: I’m a Painting Machine

My move from Hollywood to Culver City is going slower than a normal move but it’s coming along. Since I have no furniture I decided to start painting the new apartment before everything gets delivered. I went into hell, I mean Home Depot and bought some fun paint for pretty much every room in my place. Oh and by the way, I am calling my new place “Kittyville.”

I was inspired by mwent with Ralph Lauren paint because it’s damn fabulous. The colors were inspired from my trip to the Betsey Johnson showroom and from my bottle of Betsey Johnson perfume (I took the insert into Home Depot with me).
All colors are from the Island Brights collection from Ralph Lauren

Bedroom: “Racer Pink” The website shows this color as a muddy purplish pink but it’s totally not like that at all. The is a pink so hot it’s almost glowing — It’s fierce baby.

Bathroom: “Belmont Pink” Again, the website doesn’t do this color justice. The color is a bright cheerful pink that is almost a coral pink. On top of the pink I am using the Racer Pink, Key West Green, and Black Silk to paint swirly Betsey Johnson style roses all over the walls. It’s freaking adorable!

Dressing room: I have a sweet little area of my apartment that works as a dressing room. I am painting vertical black and white stripes there.

Living Room:
“Kayak Yellow” So excited to get this one up on the wall. It’s going to be the happiest living room ever.

Eating area:
I am still debating this one but I think I will do more vertical stripes in black and white in the eating area of my kitchen.

Mudroom/ Utility room:
I had originally thought about the black and white stripes in there but I might go crazy with some flowers or fashion illustrations on the wall depending on how much extra paint I have.

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