Kitty Test Drive: MZ Wallace Handbags

M Z WALLACE- Espresso Capri Leather- Belle

Am I the only one that has noticed that the cost of shoes and handbags has shot up to unreasonable proportions?

Seriously, a high end designer handbags used to cost like $600 and now they are $1200 and above (unless you are like me and can score a Gucci for $750). Those bags are great and all but sometimes you just need a semi-affordable basic bag that isn’t going to fall apart on you.

Recently I have found that Linea Pelle does the trick for a great quality leather bag that doesn’t have a comma in the price tag. But since then a have been curious to see if there were other bags that could come close to competing.

I think I may have found a competitor. I was introduced to MZ Wallace a few weeks back and liked what I saw. They were even kind enough to let me test drive a bag to make sure they weren’t all talk. I mean, a bag can look good but can it feel good too? This bag does both. The leather is quality, the shape is classic, and the price is reasonable for a handbag that will work with your entire wardrobe. I mean can an “it” bag do all that? Well sometimes it can but it may go out of style before you have a chance to try.

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