I’m Moving!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter should know that I am moving out of my Hollywood apartment and into a new apartment in Culver City. I am so excited but this is also stressful as all hell. I have been out of town for weeks, I have to buy all new furniture, re-paint my old apartment, pack, move, and try to keep a float at the office. So, um, posting might be a little slow (I say slow but that could be total horse shit too.) I will also be posting about my decorating as the weeks go on (think Betseyville/Kittyville), which will be pretty fun I think. So keep checking back in on me and wish me luck with my move.

3 thoughts on “I’m Moving!”

  1. d whole moving thing is just horrible!..d only good thing about it is decorating your new place..good luck & have fun decorating…can't wait to see d pics!

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