Fashion Week “Does” Ruby Red Slippers

I may have missed the party (damn you Virgin America) celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz but I did get to see a few of the shoes on display at Bryant Park today. Let’s just say I really wanted to bust through that glass to nab the ones from Betsey Johnson and LAMB — They were seriously to die for!!! Thankfully I was able to exercise some restraint. What a headline that would be “Fashion Kitty kicked out of Fashion Week for Going Shoe Crazy

Oh and just a little back story on just how much I love The Wizard of Oz … When I was a kid I would literally watch the movie over and over again. I must have been put in a trance because that is when my love affair with fashion began. My parents bought me some “ruby slippers” and every picture that was taken with me wearing them, I had my leg up in the air to make sure my shoes got into the shot. Pretty cute and a little trashy isn’t it?

I almost died three times when I saw Betsey Johnson ruby slippers. They are about a 1 million times more stunning in person than they are in the photo. Seriously, shoe-gasm baby, shoe-gasm.

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The ruby reds by LAMB almost made me think it would be a fine idea to make a complete fool of myself at Fashion Week by jumping over the unfilled fountain and taking these shoes out of their glass case. I would give them back of course, I just wanted to try them on. But seriously, I am no criminal especially in the world of fashion.

I love these because they are so Gwen, a little bit of stripper and a whole lotta Dorothy. Now where the heck is Toto?

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