Dear Fashion Kitty, T-Strap Shoes

I was wondering if you could track down a pair of shoes for me. The picture is attached and the shoes are (I’m assuming) from sometime this past spring because the picture is from prom. I’m hoping they’re still available because I am in love with them. If you could find them for me that would be amazing. Thanks!

Since those are from this past spring they are pretty hard to track down but I did find you some nice alternatives …

The Cherryl shoe from Aldo is pretty darn similar for only $100. The only thing missing is the peep toe.

The L’Effronte Peep To pumps from Les Prairies De Paris are on sale for 50% off. They are missing the t-strap but damn if they aren’t adorable and versatile.

I also love these from Michael Kors for a mere $138. Take it from me, Michael Kors shoes will last you a life time, not only in the style department but they will hold up nicely as well.

I totally dig these too, which are also from Michael Kors. They are probably a further departure from the others but, honestly, I like these the best for the buck.

Hope that was helpful. Happy shoe shopping!

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