Dear Fashion Kitty, A moral handbag dilemma

I just had a birthday and the only thing I asked for was donations (aka money) toward a Louis Vuitton – the Speedy 35 to be precise. I’ve been in love with this bag for sometime now and think that it will go with every single thing I wear: black, brown, pink, green, orange (don’t wear orange so much but I could start!) My style is very classic and simple. My favorite outfit is a great pair of designer jeans, a basic black shirt and simple heels or flats (depends on how comfy I want to be). I also think that since it’s such a classic bag my daughter – if that ever happens – will be able to use it someday. Anyways, I basically have the money, which is great except I’m having slight anxiety about paying $800 for a handbag.

My question to you Fashion Kitty is do you think it’s worth it? Also, everyone seems to either have the handbag I dream of or a fake version of it – does that matter? Should I care? What do you suggest Fashion Kitty!!??

This question couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as I just plunked down about $800 on a handbag. Do it. Buy the bag … the real deal bag.


Seriously, carrying a fake is pretty horrid. Sure I have tossed the idea around in my head from time to time but it isn’t worth it. There is a big time moral dilemma involved in the making of a fake bag (supports terrorism, child labor, and all of that horrible stuff).

If that moral dilemma crap doesn’t shake — you just take it from me, you feel better carrying the real thing. I am loving my real Gucci handbag. I love having the feeling that I am being totally real. A real bag makes any outfit instantly stylish. You even carry yourself in a different way with a real bag. Plus, you can pass down your bag to someone else down the road and make people extremely jealous 😉

Just get it. You will thank me later.

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  1. Definitely buy the bag! I went through some of the same feelings you are having when thinking about buying a Speedy 30. I went through with it and bought it and have loved it everyday since!! Enjoy your new bag.

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