Dear Fashion Kitty, Little J’s Dress

Little J looked FABULOUS last night on Gossip Girl! I’m glad you were able to track down that necklace she wore backstage at the fashion show, and if I had that kind of cash to drop on a necklace I would in an instant…but do you happen to know where I can find that adorable dress she was wearing as well? Blair’s too?

I know this probably isn’t the answer that you want to hear but both dresses custom designs by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman. Eric also designed the green party dress that Serena wore during the fashion show finale.

Oh and am I the only one who felt that Serena really hammed it up at the end of runway? It’s like keep walking sweetie! I have never been to a runway show were a model spent like 20 minutes on the end of the runway.

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  1. That girl is just not natural on the runway, if you know what i mean, she just isn’t fashion-y enough.
    i’m all for blair!

  2. i was wondering if you knew who designed serenas dress with the fringes i guess thats what you could call it in the front. she wore it to the fashion show and after when blair saw her taking pictures with poppi. lol thanksss!

  3. oh you are not d only one…I was like ‘wtf! since when can models do dat?’…but I really really love dat green dress!..

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