Dear Fashion Kitty, Fall Wardrobe Advice

yaWhat would you say that I should incorporate in my wardrobe for Fall 2008? I need pieces that I could possible wear to work and out to dinner on a Saturday night..

Mmm love fall fashion … There are a ton of different looks that you can go for this fall 2008 and still be on top. Personally, I am going with a tough girl chic look — leather, ripped jeans, studs, spikes, with a sexed up girly edge.

My new look …

Fashion Kitty's New Look: Tough Girl Chic

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For your work wardrobe, I would incorporate boxy jackets, slouchy trousers (don’t mix the boxy with the slouchy though), ruffled blouses, and a nice purple structured handbag.

Something nice to go out to dinner on a Saturday would be a nice asymmetrical cut dress if you are doing a fancy dinner. For dinner out with the girls you can funk it up a bit with leather leggings, killer heels, and a dramatic bow blouse (steal it from your work wardrobe).

The great thing about fashion this fall is that there are some big extremes … super girly or super tough. Mix what you like from both trends to create your own unique look.

Here are my Top 10 (for now) Must-Haves for Fall 2008

1.) Colored tights
2.) Leather leggings
3.) Oxford booties
4.) Bows and ruffles
5.) Asymmetrical cuts
6.) Purple
7.) Gloves
8.) Boxy jackets
9.) Deep V-necks
10. ) Chunky sweaters

A few other trends to keep in mind for Fall 2008 …

Winter florals
2.) Slouchy trousers (perfect for the office)
3.) Thigh high boots
4.) Knit hats (hello, Alexander Wang)

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