Dear Fashion Kitty, Dream Bag

I was wondering if you knew where to get a hobo bag (fabric, maybe with crazy prints) that I could wrap around my body (like diagonally over the shoulder and body and the bag part would be on my back.) I bike to college and I need a bag that is stylish and won’t swing around.

I was on the hunt for one of these bags too. I found a while back but it’s way too long to bike around with so I won’t even bother talking about it. There was a great one by Marc Jacobs like four years ago but that won’t do you any good either. Here are a couple of cute ones that might end up being your dream bag:

This one isn’t made of a funky fabric but be damned if it isn’t amazing looking! It’s by Mat and Nat. You can purchase it at Tobi for $225. It’s great because it’s roomy, stylish, and the material will hold up better than fabric.

This ‘Flower Power’ messenger bag by Betsey Johnson answers your fabric/ funky pattern request and is $118.

I even found two inexpensive ones; one from Old Navy for $8.99 and one from Target for $9.99. For the price, I definitely like the Target one the best.

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