Dear Fashion Kitty, Breaking into blogging

I just wanted to get some advice from you on how to get into the fashion scene like you fashion bloggers. I live in Raleigh NC and there is no fashion anything here excepts Saks 🙁

I would like to get into the fashion scene but being that I’m form NC there is really no way of doing that I want to be able to get samples and freebies and all the trips and good stuff excp like nitro:licious jeesh does she pay for anything? Do you have any idea on how I could get started or if anyone needs any help? I’m a student massage therapist but I really want to do fashion please help with some advice

PS- I’m so jealous of ur bag ! And I love ur blog ur not so fashion uppity and u dont follow the crowd thanks for being real.

Thanks for the blog love, I try my best to be real in this crazy town 😉 Now for the harsh reality … Being a blogger isn’t an instant ticket to freebies and trips, that sure would be nice though. The truth is you have to work for it.

I have been blogging for three years and certainly didn’t get my start in a high fashion city. I started Ask Fashion Kitty when I lived in the DC Metro Area while I was an administrative assistant at AOL. No very fashion-y at all. I blogged and blogged, I took jobs that weren’t fashion related, I took crappy jobs that seemed fashion related, and I even blogged my little behind off while everyone else was out having a good time. I eventually moved to Los Angeles (much more fashionable) but again I wasn’t handed a fashion job. The key is to make your fashion job if you want it that bad.

My advice to you is to start a blog (be sure to send me the link). You may not see free stuff pouring in but it’s fun to be able to express something you love through blogging — the rest will start to fall into place. You may also find that people in your unfashionable town also love fashion — you could be the fashion star of NC. Also remember that the Internet is huge and doesn’t care where you are from. Spread your fashion expertise on social networks and get a huge following that way … I did that on ThisNext (before I started working there).

On the topic of ThisNext, if you want free stuff as a reward for being super-stylish you should check out our Maven program. There are quite a few Ask Fashion Kitty readers that are ThisNext Mavens who have scooped up freebies like Havaiana flip flops, OPI nail polish, Diane von Furstenberg headband, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Swarovski covered tweezers and more.

Good luck and work hard.

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