Who needs Gucci anyways?

Gucci black leather & suede riding boots

Well I do, usually, but in this case I did without and saved like $1,100. Let me back up for a minute because clearly I am confusing everyone …

Last week after an intense cardio session at the gym I decided to take my worked-out self to Wasteland for a little vintage shopping. I usually turn up my nose at Wasteland because it is not really vintage, it’s more like an over priced Salvation Army but whatever I was sweaty and gross anyhow.

I nosed around the store and saw a few interesting pieces but I wasn’t about to try anything on, I was gross after all. I did, however, feel comfortable trying on a pair of boots (with socks of course). This one pair stood out to me. They were rugged, stylish, had a nice heel, and would compliment my new fall look quite nicely. And what, oh, they were only $65.

What did my dumb ass do? I walked out without buying them.

2 days later I went back and thank goodness they were still there. I bought them, took them home to clean them up and smiled at my happy purchase.

A few days later I am searching online for a pair of Gucci boots that I found in an ad in September’s Vogue. I didn’t find those boots but I did stumble upon these. They look a lot like the $65 boots that I got but in my eyes mine are better. They both have the leather/ suede combo and both hit right below the knee. I like mine better because a.) they were cheaper b.) the toe is much more ass-kickin’ and c.) the heel is higher. Did I mention they were cheaper?

I am really looking forward to wearing these bad boys. The first thing I want to wear them with is cut-off sorts, thigh high black ribbed socks, a black fitted tank, and an open plaid shirt. Very grunge 90’s/ Alexander Wang/ Bad-ass Fashion Kitty.

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