Who knew? The Peg Egg

Ped Egg Pro Foot File

As much as I have made fun of the awful, awful commercial for this crazy contraption. I have to admit, it works! I have been hearing a bit of buzz about how wonderful this $10 callus scraping “egg” works. So today on a trip to CVS I picked one up. It was cheap (less than $10), so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I opened the package and swore the thing was going to be battery operated. It’s not, it just requires some good old fashioned elbow grease. You take the little egg and file away all the disgusting crap off your feet. The creepy little egg catches all of the skin.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s freaking nasty! It’s like seeing your blackheads in those Biore pore strips, except multiplied times 1000. Once you get past the grossness it’s the best pedicure on the planet. My feet are smooth and it didn’t hurt a bit. I highly recommend this product. Just head over to your local drugstore to pick one up.

5 thoughts on “Who knew? The Peg Egg”

  1. They’ve just started showing the VERY out-of-date add for this on TV, but it can only be ordered over the phone… which I have been tempted to do because it does look like it would work well (and save money on getting professional pedi’s)

  2. wow…i’ve read about dis in another blog I frequent…I’m gonna start searching for dis thing…our feet so need magic like dis…

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