What’s your favorite shopping website?

I shop online for a living so I know about a ton of online boutiques but I am sure there are plenty of really cool ones that aren’t on my radar. So tell me where do you shop online? Leave it in the comments section please. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite shopping website?”

  1. starsandinfinitedarkness
    smashing darling
    hayden harnett
    fred flare
    sometimes i check alloy and delias…
    i follow stylenotes for the latest online deals, that site has introduced me to a lot of sites I don’t normally go to.

  2. bonadrag.com

    but as far as non-online shopping, barney’s is having its warehouse sale at the barkar hangar in santa monica. I went yesterday.. it was beautiful. and the discounts were damn good!

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