True Religion Sydney Jeans

It’s funny how my mind works. I went into the Rachel Pally sample sale today wearing my Valentino sunglasses. At some point during the sale I managed to drop my glasses and failed to pick them up (idiot). I realized this once I had already left. I couldn’t turn around to get them because they were closed.

What do I do? I go shopping for a new pair, of course.

What happens?

True Religion Sydney Jeans in Medium Motor Psycho

I walk out of the store with these True Religion jeans and no sunglasses. I couldn’t help myself.

They were just what I was looking for — distressed, wide leg, and a light wash. I got them in size up than usual so I can really get that relaxed look (I usually like my jeans painted on).

I would also like to add that it was less than 2 years ago that I hate True Religion jeans and now I have 7 pairs. Denim, it’s like a drug and let me tell you this is one expensive habit to keep up.

True Religion Sydney jeans $240 at J. Ransom

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  1. True Religion constantly sets the standards for premium denim. With it’s rugged tradition, trademark washes and classic fits this product is a must have for any true fashion cowboy at heart.

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