Sass & Bide Favorites

I am still waiting on my Sass & Bide Black Rat leggings to arrive in the mail. But ever since I ordered them I have been slightly obsessed with Sass & Bide. Of course the leggings are my favorite part of the collection but I have to say that the insane use of sequins, plaid, and the whole court jester look is really starting to grow on me.

If my obsession continues, which I think it will, I am going to order the plaid ‘A Secret Garden’ dress and possibly the sequin ‘Life of Color’ argyle vest. Of course I am typing this out like I have a load of money in my pocket that has no where else to go. Clearly, I am half asleep and should either go back to bed or start cleaning my apartment. Whatever, can’t a girl dream?

I will post photos of my pants as soon as they arrive (hopefully that’s today). Anyways … enjoy my Sass & Bide favorites.

Fashion Kitty Favorites from Sass & Bide

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