Revolve Clothing Opening on Melrose

Yesterday was like the perfect Friday! It was my diet “cheat day” (I ate sushi and ice cream) and I shopped my little heart out. I first went over to the Linea Pelle sample sale and then it was off to the Revolve boutique on Melrose.

Having Revolve open a boutique is pretty exciting stuff. I compare the excitement to the feeling I get when I meet a fellow bloggers in person. You know when find yourself so close to a person that you haven’t even actually met in person. Then when you do meet them in person it’s like magic. I feel like way about Revolve. Because I have made a living off of shopping online — Revolve and I are pretty darn close. No other online boutique has such a great selection of stylish clothes for both women and men as Revolve does. So going into their brand new flagship boutique was quite a thrill for me.

On to the shopping experience…

I walked into the boutique and immediately was pleased by the rocking customer service. Stylish little salespeople greeting me and offering me cupcakes and champagne is never a bad thing. I am sure I have mentioned this before but a place with bad customer service is an immediate deal breaker for me.

The store itself is really cool looking. My favorite aspect of it was the giant projection of Revolve’s homepage on the wall and the Mac by the register that was set on so you could shop online from inside the store. Maybe it’s the web nerd in me but that was one sexy way to integrate the offline and the online worlds.

Another really fabulous part of the store was the outdoor area (ain’t SoCal lovely?). The outdoor area of the shop had this great little fashion trend museum with mannequins sporting the key trends for fall. It really displayed fashion as art and for die-hard fashionistas like myself it was perfection because really … fashion is art.

A clothing boutique isn’t a clothing boutique without the clothes and they were amazing too. Great pieces for guys, great pieces for girls … great pieces for Fashion Kitty to broke over. I was drawn to the selection of leggings, which were SO cool. They were very 80’s but very, very sexy. I was also attracted to the Lauren Moshi pieces and ended up plunking down $100 for a tee shirt but it was cute so who cares.

I can tell that Revolve is going to be one of my regular Melrose shopping haunts. Between Revolve, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fred Segal, and Betsey Johnson — I will be living in a shoebox in 6 weeks.

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