Rachel Pally Sample Sale: August 2008

I love a good sample sale. I mean, who doesn’t? There are always sample sales in Los Angeles and I try to go to as many as I can/afford but I am never really too upset if I miss one.

Well that’s not entirely true. There is one sample sale that I never miss … Rachel Pally!

I believe this is my third or fourth Rachel Pally sample sale and just like the ones from the past, I left happy. I left the office early to get downtown and sat in 90 minutes of traffic but it was all worth it. Usually I walk in with some sort of mission like finding great party dresses or tube tops but not this time. I just went in with an open mind.

I ended up purchasing Rachel Pally’s wide leg pants in brown. I had originally picked them up in black but decided that the brown pair was much more interesting. I also picked up the seamed bustier top. Again I picked up this piece in black but decided that I had enough black strapless tops and went with this fun burnt orange color instead. My most random purchase at the sale, which is also my favorite is Rachel Pally’s bodysuit. I have such horrible bodysuit memories from my childhood but I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the ones that Rachel designed.

I am so happy with my purchases. The bodysuit looks amazing with the brown wide leg pants and the bustier top looks great with my new True Religion jeans. I am so happy with the bodysuit that I might go back to the sale tomorrow to get a few more, you know how I like to hoard stuff.

The best part of the sale was getting a chance to talk to Rachel and to see her family. Each and every sale that I have attended Rachel is always there working with her family. It’s freaking adorable and it’s always amazing to see a designer who is so down to earth. Especially one who’s clothes take up a large piece of real estate in my closet.

3 thoughts on “Rachel Pally Sample Sale: August 2008”

  1. I was there and felt like I made out like a bandit. I normally cannot afford her Retail but I wait for these sales!!! I got 5 dresses 3 long 2 short, the wide leg pants in brown and navy blue (the sailor ones) a mini skirt and the racerback hoodie, which I love, Love and might need to go back and get another.
    I went overboard but that is how much I love her stuff . The fact that its work and party attire depending on what you pair it with …makes it well worth the amazing prices and the madhouse. I can’t wait for the next one~~

  2. There is an online sample sale on Rachel Pally on hautelook.com tomorrow. They have deals up to 75% off! It’s great. You do not need an invite to join either, anyone can just sign up.

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