Ohh Baby I like it Raw: Pre-Fashion Week Crash Diet


It wouldn’t be the week before Fashion Week without me trying out another crazy diet. This one was suggested to me by fellow fashionistas Sandy and Sebastian of Yoga Army.

I have been eating raw for almost 5 days now and I really love it. It’s not as hard as you might think. I feel full longer, my energy is through the roof. Of course there is the added bonuses like glowing skin and a trimmer physique.

And if that’s not enough, apparently “people who eat predominantly raw tend to be a healthy, stable weight and have a far better sex life. Why? Digesting tons of food can make you lethargic & tired, and you may think you want to have sex, but you don’t. Raw puts you more in touch with your body.”

I have also read that eating raw doesn’t mean you have to totally give up cooked food forever. Many people are 85% (or whatever percent they want to be) raw foodist by only eating some cooked meals. Out of all of my crazy diets I am considering keeping this one up. It will also make me keep my record of never using my oven going.

Oooh Baby I Like it Raw! Raw Foods Diet

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3 thoughts on “Ohh Baby I like it Raw: Pre-Fashion Week Crash Diet”

  1. You will feel amazing eating raw…I ate an all raw diet for about half a year…then I wanted some warm food in the winter months….I still try to incorporate as much as possible…I have pics of some of my creations on my blog http://supasolsista.blogspot.com you have to scroll down the page to see them!..good luck!…

  2. i love eating raw as much as possible for the exact reasons mentioned.:)
    it can be a bit of a chore with having to cut veggies/fruits, making sure you go to the supermarkets to stock up and also having to pay a bit more for the fresh stuff instead of the tinned/preserved versions but its worth it.
    i just started again yesterday with incorporating more raw stuff. let us know how it continues.:)

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