Obama’s got Patricia Field’s Vote!

Not sure how I feel about the afro-wigged mannequin but I suppose I can let it slide …

Obama Thermal Tee- Patricia Field

We now know who has Patricia Field’s vote 🙂

Patricia Field has just come out with this limited edition Obama tee. Get the long sleeved thermal version for $38 or the short sleeved v-neck version for the same price.

From Patricia Field.com …

We love Barack Obama! Patricia Field’s special edition Obama tee for boys and girls and you even get your very own controversial flag lapel-pin!

Patricia Field loves Obama! She made this cute little top just for you to show your love for the next President of the U.S.A!

One thought on “Obama’s got Patricia Field’s Vote!”

  1. I Have to get my paws on this top, so cute…I seen him yesterday when he was leaving his Hotel,for like 20 seconds, he waved and smiled.It was sooooo awesome, I felt this adrenaline kick through my body, it was just soo cool. It totally made my week *smiles*…And I also had the pleasure to be at Invesco where he gave his speech, AMAZING!!..Words can’t describe how it felt to be part of something that will go down in History.

    Anyway’s, totally agree with you, Kitty. Obama, is the next President Of the U.S.A!

    P.s..Love your blog!

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