Linea Pelle accessories for fall 2008

Ever since a friend of mine (who has a super star stylist sister) introduced to me to Linea Pelle, I have been slightly obsessed.

You may remember that I purchased a Linea Pelle bag back in May and I have yet to change purses. It’s August, that’s huge for me. Now I have been spotting Linea Pelle accessories all over the place, specifically her belts and bracelets. Keep an eye out because now you notice her accessories in magazines like Elle, Cosmo Girl, Seventeen magazine and more. Linea also has quite a celebrity following including; Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and more.

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Linea Pelle belts and bracelets are definitely going to have a place in my wardrobe this fall, especially since I will be unveiling a new look: Tough Girl Chic. I already have a 2 pack of the thin studded braclets in my shopping cart. I might also have to add that fierce belt too, it is on sale and who am I to resist the temptation of a sale?

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