Las Vegas Day 3: Leaving Las Vegas

I already told you how ridiculously drunk I got at the casino on day 2 of my trip and I bet me being MIA for a bit had you worried huh? No need to worry, I wasn’t passed out under a roulette table somewhere I was crawling back into my hotel room, setting my alarm, and ordering up egg whites for breakfast for later that morning. All pretty productive stuff considering it was 4am.

I woke up to the sound of the room service dude knocking on my door. I threw on a robe and headed to the door for my breakfast. Even he had to laugh at the hot mess that I was but whatever, gimme my breakfast fool. Maybe it was the Red Bull or my undeniable love of fashion but miraculously I managed to be productive on my last day in Las Vegas.

I got into my VIP car and headed right back to the convention center for one more seminar before I had to hop on the plane. And let me tell you something … I got the skinny on what is going to be in vogue for 2009/10. I am keeping tight lipped for now but just know that there is a lot to look forward to.

After the seminar it was a mad dash to the airport. I had to take the horrible shuttle bus back to the Bellagio because the VIP man was out to lunch or something crazy like that. It took forever to get back! I ran up to my room only to find out the key was deactivated. I tracked down a cleaning woman and conned her into letting me into my room. From there it was a mad dash to lobby, then off to cash in my pathetic winnings from gambling the night before. Into a cab then into a plane and I was back to LA. What happened next was horrible but I am gonna make you wait for it.

To be continued …

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