I’m Toxic! Fashion Kitty’s 5 Day Detox

Boots -Feel the Difference Detox 5 Day Plan Strawberry

Whenever I go into Target for one tiny thing (like paper towels) I end up walking out with a bag full of nonsense and not the thing i walked in for. This scenario happened to me on Sunday afternoon. I was browsing Targets fancy pants beauty isle when I saw this detox kit from Boots.

Seemed simple enough pour some strawberry potion into a quart of water, eat right (no dairy, no red meat, etc.), no drinking, no smoking, drink water throughout the day, and a little exercise won’t hurt either.

Since I already follow MOST of those rules (no need to discuss which ones) I figured why not? What’s $20 and a little clean living to me if it results in washing away my sins?

I am almost through with day 3 of the detox and I can feel the difference. Here is an update on how it’s going so far.

Day #1- Had to pee. A lot!

Day #2- Felt like garbage. I suppose all of the “nonsense” that was in my body was coming out. My head and my stomach were killing me. Oh and my hives (yes, I get hives I am a freak) were EVERYWHERE.

Day #3- Today was a hive free day (first day in months). Still peeing a lot but I feel good, like really good. I dropped 1lb as well but I am also on my Fashion Week Diet so the detox may or may not be related.

I am looking forward to day 3 and 4. I will update you all once the detox is complete.

Since I am detoxing, I am craving a few “toxic” materials but the only “toxic” thing I can have is a little Britney Spears. Here is a video from her Onyx tour where she is perform Toxic. Sit back and enjoy Britney in her prime!

3 thoughts on “I’m Toxic! Fashion Kitty’s 5 Day Detox”

  1. Doesn’t detoxing feel good in a scary way? Like I can’t believe all this garbage is coming out of me I should do this all the time good? Maybe it’s just me. It’s almost time to purify myself again. Maybe after I finish my sugar binge 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried a Detox. Maybe I should. I think you have given me the inpiration I need to do it.

    Also the Onyx Hotel Tour was great. Got to see her perform in Atlanta. Ahhh, how I miss that Britney!!

  3. If you lead a busy life, have a full time job, and/or have two young and energetic girls to raise, living off of just water and juice isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need energy, and energy comes from food. I also want to add here that exercise is a great way to help “detox” the body, but you shouldn’t and probably wouldn’t want to go for a run, jump rope or practice some vigorous yoga if you are not fueling your body with food.



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