Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t get hysterical … unless, of course, it’s fashion-related. I have been lusting over the Gucci Hysteria bag since April and here is it August and I still want it. I can’t have the $4k python version that I really want but I think I can swing the $1k printed version. Spending $995 (sounds better than $1k) may sound a bit insane but here me out because I have been rationalizing this in my head for hours.

I am getting old(er). This November I will be 28 years old, which means 30 is right around the corner. I swear that I just turned 25 (I act like I am about 19 sometimes) but seriously, it’s time that I grow up. I don’t mean growing up in the traditional way with kids, relationships and all that other bullshit — it’s simply not for me. What I mean is that I need to grow up my wardrobe. C’mon what did you expect me to say? I am a FP (fashion person).

I need to start purchasing investment pieces, pieces that will make people jealous today and 10 years down the line. I still intend on dressing like my hot youthful self but I want to start adding in pieces that I won’t regret after one wear.

What do you think is this bag an investment or will I regret it later. I need some help people … I am really considering buying this bag.

3 thoughts on “Hysterical”

  1. Well, in general, it’s a cute bag, not too dated, but the matieral looks cheap. It looks kind of…plastic-y. If it’s just the picture, though, and you’ve been diggin’ it this long, – go for it!

  2. i don’t know if i was going to spend $1000 on a bag, i don’t think it would have a logo on it, although this one is pretty amazingg.

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