Fashion Kitty’s Diet and Slim-down Secrets

Fashion Week is less than 2 weeks away and I’ve got 2lbs to go …

Don’t you love how sexy I look at the gym? Joking of course. My gym is the only place that I can go without makeup, without doing a thing to my hair and not give a shit.

I love my gym.

I workout at Burn Fitness in Santa Monica, CA. I joined the gym last October and it’s honestly been the best money I’ve ever spent. Burn Fitness has the best owners, staff, trainers, and members that I have ever come across in a gym. Burn isn’t all snobby like Equinox and it isn’t all trashy like Bally’s — it’s perfect.

I workout five (sometimes six) days a week for about 90 mins – 2 hours a day. My workout schedule consists of 2-3 times a week of weight training with my kick ass trainer Keith Sims (who has practically become family to me). I also do about an hour of cardio a day (give or take). But the real key to my success is

FatBurn is where I obsessively tally every morsel of food that goes in my mouth and every ounce of energy that I expend through exercise. When you sign up for FatBurn you create your own goals and it tells you have many calories a day you have to burn to lose weight. I need to burn 700 calories a day to lose the weight that I want to lose for Fashion Week. I definitely advise keeping a food journal or using a site like FatBurn, it is really the key to weight loss.

Fashion Kitty Diet Do’s:

  • Keep a food diary or a site like
  • Limit your carbohydrate intake and make sure the carbs you do eat are whole grain.
  • Protein, protein, protein … it’s key when reshaping your body. I recommend egg whites and turkey. Keep the red meat to a minimum or elimate it completely.
  • Exerise daily
  • Set a date-realted goal. I can’t take diet challenges seriously unless I have a goal in mind with a date attached (ex. lose 10lbs by Christmas)
  • Let yourself cheat. I allow myself one cheat day a wek. That day I will drink, eat cupcakes, eat pizza … whatever I had been craving all week.
  • Stop eating!! I have recently put a cut off time on eating, it’s 7pm each night for me.

Check out my diet lists on ThisNext for healthy eating ideas …

3 thoughts on “Fashion Kitty’s Diet and Slim-down Secrets”

  1. I was just reading your post and I had to tell you that you look great! I didn’t always weigh what I do now. Back when I was losing and doing well (and before two kids), I also allowed myself a cheat meal. We (my mom and I) would do our weigh-in and for dinner that night we would eat Whatever we wanted. Pizza, burgers, ice cream (mmmm lol) or anything else that we had been craving for the last two weeks. We got the craving out of our system and knew that in two weeks we could do it again. It made is SO much easier to stick to healthy eating the rest of the time, we never felt deprived of anything and it didn’t slow down our weight loss one little bit. Very good tips.

  2. look at dat flat tummy of yours!..way to go!..I’m gonna try your Dos and work on a goal date to lose my own tummy…your post was my much needed inspiration..thanks for dat! 😉

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