Do you believe in MAGIC?

I sure damn do!

I am going to be at the MAGIC Marketplace convention in Las Vegas August 25-27th. For those of you who don’t know what MAGIC is:

The MAGIC Marketplace is the preeminent trade event in the international fashion industry, hosting global buyers and sellers of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources. As an incubator of fashion, MAGIC is where new trends surface and develop into what will be seen on the consumer. The show’s goal is to connect and inspire the fashion community, fuse diverse trends, while offering unbeatable service to its customers.

Obviously I am beyond excited. I am going to be meeting with great labels, schmoozing with the fabulous and fashionable, heading out to parties, and sitting in on some great seminars. I already have my eye on the following seminars…

  • Influences, style & design for Fall 09/ Winter 10: How it applies & relates to fashion trends
  • Color & surface forecast: Fall 09/ Winter 10
  • What’s Next for spring 2009 and forward- women trend forecast
  • TOBE Next Fall 2009-10 Womens themes, colors, key items
  • Intelligent Futurist: Winter 09/10 fashion trend forecast for Europe
  • Megatrend forecast
  • Youth/ street/ sport global trends

And since I will be in Vegas I am sure I will be able to find some time to go shopping and gamble. Sure, I don’t gamble (I don’t even know how) but I do love the idea of sitting around a craps table, dressed all fabulously in Betsey Johnson, while blowing on the hand (that sounds dirty) of someone who is about to make a fortune and give me half. Can’t a Kitty dream?

If you are going to MAGIC drop me an email so we can meet up.

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