Dear Fashion Kitty, scarf tying how-to

Can you please explain how to ‘wear’ a scarf like this (you know, the way scarves are being worn now). Every time I try to wear it like this I look like I’m trying to strangle myself, or look like I’ve wrapped a bandanna around my neck?

That particular scarf is rectangular, so what I would is this …

1.) Drape is around your neck so the two long ends are hanging behind you
2.) Take the long ends, crisscross in the back then and drape them around the front
3.) Now that you have the form right, just play around with it — make it tighter, looser, etc …

Gees! That was hard to describe. You can also check out this site, which has a lot of scarf tying techniques.

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  1. I love scarves,and there is like a million different ways to wear them.

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  2. awesome post.
    haha you don’t even know the problems i have had trying to figure trying to figure out this whole scarf thing…this really helped..sweet.

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