Dear Fashion Kitty, (non-frilly) Rocker chic

Oh Dear Fashion Kitty,

I need a change, I’m almost eighteen and I need a change in style, my clothes are to punk, to rocker-girlish, I want something more adult like!!!!!!! But I don’t wanna be one of them frilly lil’ preppy girls, how do I pull it off???

Sounds like you need a little touch of Fashion Kitty in your wardrobe 😉 My style is kind of all over the place — I just wear whatever I want but today I think I am capturing the grown-up rocker-prep look that you need. The look that I feel you need is young but it’s not too kiddie without being old and boring either. I think it’s something a girl like you could pull off. Just remember when changing styles it’s so important not to lose yourself — always infuse a bit of your natural style into your new look. Here are two looks for you for you to try:

Rocker chic: This look is edgy and fun but put together. The vibrant accessories and “grown-up” shoes. A pair of grungy flats and mismatched bracelets would make this look too young.

Ever at ShopStyle

It’s Business Time: When done right, a blazer can look so sexy with a pair of jeans and rock and roll tee shirt. The key to keeping this look grown-up is to wear pointy heels and a snug fitting tee shirt. Another “adult” move is to get a blazer that is tailored to fit you, an ill-fitting blazer will make it look like you stole it from your mama’s closet.

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