Dear Fashion Kitty, little (non) black dress

I’m going to a BBQ for a friends birthday I am wearing a canary yellow dress. I’m usually one to wear all black so this is big for me. What color shoes would you suggest, I was thinking strappy gold, but I’m not sure. Attached is a picture of the dress. I hope you can help me out.

Since you are going to a BBQ I suggest going with something a little more natural than strappy gold sandals. There is no need to look like you are going out to dinner when you are really just downing hot dogs, ya know?

I would go with some fun wedges or espadrilles like these …

Betsey Johnson 'Forest' Sandal

These are Betsey Johnson shoes are a must! 4 1/2 inch heel. Cool cut-out on the heel. Adorable Mary Jane style strap. I can’t stand how much I love these.

I actually saw these at DSW last week for a little over $100 and something tells me that they will be in the clearance section soon. These would look great with your dress (there is another colorway that will match your yellow dress).

Stella McCartney Floral Ankle Strap Platform Sandals

If wedges aren’t your thing then I would go with these by Stella McCartney. The 5 inch heel is totally sexy, ankle strap will keep you nice and secure during your spring/summer BBQ antics. The colors will match everything too.

Oh and did I mention that they are on sale at Intermix? There is pair left in my size. I might have to workout the old AMEX once again.

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