Dear Fashion Kitty, little black dress help!

I’ve been looking for what I thought was a typical and easy to find dress but I cannot seem to find one that I like anywhere! I would like to find a strapless, preferably sweetheart neckline, mini dress with some lace going down the sides that would show some skin. If you have any idea where I could find a dress like that please let me know!!

Wow I have 2 Betsey Johnson tops that pretty much fit this description exactly but sadly no dresses. I searched around the web and came back empty handed. So, I would recommending finding a really cool strapless black dress (that’s easy), picking up some lace at fabric store (I like G-Street for great fabrics), and heading to a great tailor — you will have your perfect dress in a matter of days. Good luck!

Betsey Johnson Corset Dress in Black on sale for $134

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