Dear Fashion Kitty, Jenny’s dress (Gossip Girl)

Do you know who’s makes Little J’s dress (below) because I need a dress for an annual outdoor gala. If you can’t find the exact dress could you recommend some dressed that are similar? If so thanks so much!

That dress is adorable but I can’t seem to track it down. I did find some similar alternatives that you might like …

This Lela Rose taffeta dress is on sale at Neiman Marcus and has a very similar look to it.

I also like this little cap-sleeved dress from Theory, which is also from Neimans and also on sale.

If anyone can identify the REAL Jenny Humphrey dress please leave it in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Jenny’s dress (Gossip Girl)”

  1. The real dress was made by GG costume designer Eric Daman for the show (not sure if it is available for sale)
    Little J wore it with a Ferragamo bag, available at Saks, and Te Casan shoes. Hih!

  2. erm..go to
    and then..type gossip girl in the search box
    and there would be loads and loads of dresses..they have the exact jenny's dress as well..i guess..!

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