Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl bracelet

I was wondering if you could help me track down a bracelet seen on the season finale of Gossip Girl. The bracelet I am looking for was worn by Serena towards the end of the show during a conversation with Blair while she is packing.

The bracelet is basically a very thin thread or chain with a small charm attached … Serena is actually wearing two during the scene. It’s not very helpful, but this is the best picture I could find of it.

Well I can’t see a thing so I am just going to straight guess on this one. My first instinct says it a Hamsa bracelet — most likely in tan because I can’t envision Serena in red. Maybe it’s the Ettika Wishbone Bracelet ($50). Or it could be the Wrap Around Charm Bracelet ($40). It could even be a necklace by Dogeared, styled to be a bracelet.

As you can see, I am guessing. Anyone out there know the bracelet that Serena is wearing?

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