Dear Fashion Kitty, Cotton in the Big Apple

I know I should know the answer to this question. Since it looks obvious to me and isn’t, and I think your blog is great, especially your advice … can you please help me out here?

Can I wear cotton to dressed up events in NYC, such as out to clubs at night, and to nice restaurants? eg. a LBD? If I dress it up? With a nice clutch & jewelry, high heels, etc.? Or is it best to wear more silk or velvet or blends, etc…Thanks!

I had way too much fun answering this question! Short answer is yes of course you can wear a cotton dress (or a jersey dress) out on the town. Jersey dresses are the most versatile piece of fashion that your closet can have. Buy jersey dresses and buy them often. Check out how I took basic black jersey dresses and styled them for all sorts of occasions.

Downtown Diva- Perfect ensemble for going out with the girls to a brand new restaurant or drinks at a trendy spot.

Man Magnet: These looks are great for hitting the clubs, getting attention from the boys (or girls), and visiting trendy new hot spots.

This look (below) serves the same purpose but it’s a little vampier.

You can of course wear a jersey dress during the day too. The look below is perfect for a day of shopping with the girls.

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