Dear Fashion Kitty, Chuck Bass’ sweater vest

I’ve been hunting for the the sweater vest, that Chuck Bass wore in the season finale. Over the yellow dress shirt. While he is in his suite with Lydia Hearst-Shaw. Do you know where I can find one like it, or where I can find the exact thing?

Thank you so much! You’re my hero!

Hero ‘eh? Nice! Well, call me Super Kitty because here are some Chuck Bass worthy sweaters and below are some other Chuck Bass fashions for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t been able to track down the exact sweater but maybe one of my lovely readers can.

This on from Rykiel is almost identical to Chuck’s sweater vest.

The colors aren’t very exciting on this one by Ralph Lauren but it is still very “Chuck”.
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2 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Chuck Bass’ sweater vest”

  1. alot of the clothes chuck wares in the first season is ralph lauren for instance the multicolor gingham shirt, his check and orange trench and his purple cardigan. the check messenger bag is from barbour.

    anyone got any more news plz write a comment. 🙂

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