Dear Fashion Kitty, Blair Bitch

Gossip Girl has just started airing in India where I live and I know you are probably sick of getting questions about the show but…the dress that Serena was wearing in Episode 14 (Blair Bitch..) when she opens the first gift from you have any idea who it’s by? It’s gorgeous!

Without a picture I am not positive which dress you are referring to but I assuming it’s this one (pictured above).

Diane von Furstenberg Everly embellished dress

The lovely dress pictured about is the Evelyn dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Unfortunately this studded dress is sold out, so you maybe want to scour ebay for this one.

If digging through ebay isn’t your thing (it isn’t mine) you can go for these alternatives.

This one by Design History has a similar neckline and is only $60 on BlueFly.

This dress by Hale Bob looks very similar too, especially around the waist and the bottom of the dress.

Of course if this wasn’t the dress at all please send me an email with the photo and I will track it down.

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