Day 2 Las Vegas: Meeting Joe Ponce

Today I decided that I had enough of MAGIC and wanted to check out the Project tradeshow because I heard it was the best one. I heard right, it was freaking amazing. I saw tons of amazing brands and met up with some fashionable friends like Sebastian and Sandy from Yoga Army (post coming soon), Habitual Jeans, Rachel Pally, Meghan Fabulous, and Joe Ponce from Velvet Angels.

You may remember Joe Ponce as he was ThisNext’s first Designer of the Week. Or perhaps you know him as the former lead designer for Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers shoe lines. Now Joe Ponce has his own collection of sexy shoes called Velvet Angels that I am just smitten over. I mean, I knew I loved Joe’s shoes before but after seeing what’s coming out in the coming months … I am starting to clear some space on my shoe shelf. There is a lot to look forward to folks! Great flatforms, cutting edge shapes, and an amazing use of color.

FashionKitty's "joeponce" picks

The shoes pictured above are my personal favorites are available now.

Velvet Angels Informer Boots-

If you want boots that will make me people turn around and say “Where did you get those boots!” then you probably need these boots. They are totally unique looking and would look amazing with black skinny jeans and a chunky black sweater … all black with a pop of fabulous shoes. If you really want to look spectacular, wear red lipstick too.

Velvet Angels Lady Luck Shoes-

Another great piece of footwear from Joe Ponce’s Velvet Angels. I love the animated quality of these shoes. They are cute and sexy at the same time, kinda like, well, kinda like me (haha). They come in black, red, and white. The black pair is my favorite, plus I can wear these with just about anything.

Velvet Angels Peepshow Shoes-

Joe Ponce had these Velvet Angels shoes on display at Project and I decided that they just have to be mine. I mean look at them … hotness! They are right on trend too with the silhouette, the open toe — but what makes them so magical is the twists that Joe added in. The crisp white color, the gold buckle, the quilting, and of course the opening down the foot.

I can’t wait to wear these because there are so many possibilities. I am thinking I will wear the first with my black Betsey Johnson cupcake dress, a studded belt, and a wide headband. I can also see them with my blue J Brand skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Whatever I wear them with I know these shoes are gonna turn heads.

Velvet Angel Charlatan Shoes-

These shoes come in 4 colorways but I actually love them in yellow the best. My home girl Lindsay Lohan picked up a pair in the natural color, so you know they are cool.

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  1. I love all four pairs of shoes!

    What I love is that all of these shoes convey different styles complete the shoe wardrobe.

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