Day 1 Las Vegas: Pool and My Feet Hurt!

I just got back to the hotel from Day 1 of the MAGIC Convention and omg my feet are killing me. I wore my most comfortable heels, which are fine to walk in without pain but after 7 hours of walking … they hurt like hell.

I hit up the Pool show first even though I had been told that it sucks. The show wasn’t that sucky but I did see the suck value in it for sure. There were a lot brands who obviously put their life savings into their collections and really shouldn’t have. Poor bastards, I hope there is someone out there who likes their crap.

But like I said there were some brands that weren’t crappy at all, brands that I would even consider blog-worthy like …

  • Alternative: I was just at their party at Fred Segal the other day. They are good for basics and “going green” with their eco line.
  • Delux Hats: These hats were pretty darn cute, they were shaped like little animals and believe it or not I can see myself rocking one.
  • LeSportsac: An old familar favorite that had some really cute bunny prints coming up for spring.
  • Tokidoki: Another favorite who had more of the same cute cartoony stuff.
  • Urban Aid: This brand makes funny little survival kits like the Shame on You kit.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time at Pool because I was so anxious to head over to MAGIC. I went to the eco section first, more on that later.


Fashion Kitty

More pictures from Pool and MAGIC on my Flickr page.

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