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This week’s Designer of the Week is one of my longtime favorites, Yoga Army! Sebastian and Sandy were some of the first fashion-related people that I met when I first moved to Los Angeles.

I was impressed by their personable attitudes and their fabulous fashions. They can design comfortable clothes to hang out in, as well as dresses to dance the night away. We chatted with them to get their insight on fashion and to find out a few of their favorite things.

To win the dress pictured below tag your fashionable recommendations “TN Fashion”. The winner will be chosen at random next Tuesday!

TN: What are the hottest trends for the season, and the easiest ways to work them into the everyday woman’s wardrobe?

YA: 3 of the hottest trends – longer lengths, sheerness & ruffles. They can all be found in our Yoga Army crinkled silk chiffon dress sold at Fred Segal Santa Monica. It has a beautiful cascade of dip dyed ruffles in the front and is belted. Wear with a baby capsleeve Tee and you can where it in the daytime. Take off the tee at night and you’re ready for cocktails!

TN: What are some common mistakes that women (or men) make in fashion and how can they avoid them?

YA: If you have serious love handles – keep those private! We at one point Britney Spears half tops & low jeans were hot but look what happened to her!

TN: What’s an easy way for women (or men) to update their wardrobes?

YA: Try wearing a white boy-beater tank top under sexy dresses… you would be surprised how one dress can be worn both for the casual daytime or without the top for the sultry evening look!

TN: What is a product that every woman should own?

YA: This can come from your collection YOGA ARMY’S one shoulder sculptured origami satin dress – you always need an amazing stand out dress for that special occasion that suddenly pops up and you want be fabulously prepared!

TN: What product has had the biggest influence on your career?

YA: Fishnet stockings!!!

Sebastian and Sandy also shared with us a giant list of their favorite items. From their favorites movies, fashions, beauty products, music, and even kitchen gadgets … we know what our favorite designers love. Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget to tag your fashionable recommendations “TN Fashion” for a chance to win the fabulous dress pictured on the right.

One thought on “Win a dress from Yoga Army!”

  1. Fishnet stockings are a great accessory. You can make them
    glam,casual,almost anything
    you want them to be.

    One of my favorite things is
    to cut off the legs,then cut
    the feet and viola! You’ve got
    punk-inspired sleeves!

    For more check out-
    Shop In Chic

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