Trend Alert: Hippie Headbands

Nicole wears them, Mischa wears them, the hipster kids in Los Feliz wears them … it’s hippie headbands!

This trend has been evolving for months, heck almost a year, from wrapping a scarf around your skull Guns n Roses style to the full on hippie look. I have to admit it, I like trend. Not only does the hippie headband look cool, it keeps my hair in place better than a normal headband. And isn’t it all about the hair?

I have been trolling the web as I always do to find the best examples of this trend. I am having a lot of luck on Etsy but I am thinking that I might need to make a trip to the craft store before I go home tonight so I can create my own headbands.

What do you all think of trend? Fashion-do or fashion-don’t?

Trend Alert: Hippie Headbands

It’s hip to be a hippie with hippie headbands! See more of my Trend Alert: Hippie Headbands list at ThisNext.

2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Hippie Headbands”

  1. Hippie headbands? Why not! These headbands are so popular and most people especially teen girls love to wear this kind of headbands.

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