ThisNext Designer of the Week: Mandy Moore

Maybe you have heard about this week’s Designer of the Week. She has been in tons of movies, has been a pop star, a business woman, and a designer as well. Her name is Mandy Moore. Yes, that Mandy Moore.

Mandy Moore has dished with us on ThisNext about her favorite products and the fashions that inspire her.

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Fashion Q&A with Mandy Moore …

Q: Why do you love accessories?
I love accessories because they allow me to express my individual style at any given moment. I play with them to add an edgy touch or a flirty moment to my ensemble.

Q: What is your signature accessories look?
I’m almost always in a scarf, I love a hoop earring and chunky vintage rings I find on trips around the world.

Q: Who are some of you favorite accessories brands?
I can’t live without Missoni scarves for all seasons. I’m a Louboutin girl. Either super high or flat. I don’t really wear anything in between. I love Anita Ko jewelry. Its beautifully designed and the stone combinations are exquisite.

My Favorite Fashionable Finds

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