Tarina Tarantino Fever: Barbie and Kidrobot

I love Tarina Tarantino — always have and always will. Tarina designs the most awesome jewelry that has some of my favorite girls on it … Hello Kitty and Barbie. Now Tarina is really tugging on my heart strings by designing an actual Barbie doll AND she is also collaborating with Kidrobot. Pretty exciting stuff.

Read more about Kidrobot/ Tarina Tarantino on Racked LA and hopefully on July 30th when the line hits the shelves I will have left the office with enough time to pick up a few things.

Enough about Kidrobot, on to the Barbie …

: : T A R I N A T A R A N T I N O : : Barbie

I pretty much HAVE to have this Barbie. I love Tarina more than words can describe and of course I love Barbie too.

There was an auction/party at her Melrose store last week and I am so bummed I missed it. Tarina auctioned off the Barbie’s with awesome Tarina vehicles. Barbie with a Vespa and (the one I wanted) Barbie with a VW Beetle (thats the car I have).

I am buying this Barbie now and if you get it online Tarina is going to throw in a free gift worth $55.

Find out more about this awesome Barbie here>

2 thoughts on “Tarina Tarantino Fever: Barbie and Kidrobot”

  1. Actually the auction items are still for auction at clothesoffourback.org. The corvette one was my favorite, with the Tarina Barbie with feathered hair.

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