Oh my UGG! UGG Australia Fall Fashion Preview

I think we all know how I feel about UGG boots by now. I have written about them here, here, and here … oh and here too. The relationship is complicated to say the least. I don’t like them but I respect them. I hate the people who wear them with just about anything — mini skirts and trucker hats being the dirtiest combination. I hate the fact that I own a pair. I hate the fact that they will never go out of style no matter how ugly they are. I respect the little devils because they are comfortable as all hell and man did that company rake in the cash.

Anyways …

UGGs is attempting to branch out of their “UGGlyhood” with a new collection for Fall 2008. Be warned that you are about to see a flood of Uggs below. I am simply spreading the word because I know there are a lot of Ugg fans out there. Enjoy or totally hate me for the next ten minutes.

Nordstrom Fashion Preview: Fall 2008 Ugg Boots

UGG® Australia ‘Surfcat’ Lace-Up Boot

Not a bad looking boot for something built for comfort. The lace-up detail on the side adds a little something-something to make these shoes a little more interesting. It also makes them more acceptable to wear out in public, much more acceptable than you basic Ugg boot.

UGG® Australia ‘Classic Tall Snake’ Boot (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Yep, Uggs went there. They went there with a snakeskin pair of original Uggs. It’s actually ridiculous if I be can quite honest for a second. Snakeskin shoes usually equals luxury, discomfort … a damn hot pair of stilettos. Uggs are not hot (well they arent), comfortable and should stick to being suede.

As insane as my distaste for these are, I am predicting that these shoes will be ridiculous popular and will probably sell out fast.

UGG® Australia ‘Cargo III’ Boot with Pocket

I am having a less than negative reaction to these boots. Not positive, let’s not get crazy or anything but these boots do remind me of a pair of Camper boots that I love. My Camper boots looks like a cat; ears, tail and all. Anyways, back to the Uggs. These are more structured and less sloppy than your average Ugg and they have a sweet pocket.

UGG® Australia ‘Endell’ Short Harness Boot

This suede boot is quite a departure from standard Ugg style. It’s kind of like a combination of a Frye boots and some shit-kicking boots that a cowboy would wear. Out of the new line of Uggs these have the most potential.

UGG® Australia ‘Suburb Crochet’ Boot

On to the first shoe … This shoe combines a classic Ugg with the cardigan Ugg with a regular old boot. The end result? Well I could only imagine it is comfort. Style was clearly lost here. Sorry, just being honest. That’s what I do.

3 thoughts on “Oh my UGG! UGG Australia Fall Fashion Preview”

  1. I’m not such a fan of Ugg, but like you I still respect them.

    I love your blog layout here! It’s really neat and unlike something I’ve ever seen before. I was wondering, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

  2. I have just bought some cardigan uggs and am unsure of how to wear them, i have folded them down so that the large buttons are showing but they seem to stick out at the side! is this right?

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