My Style-crush: Rihanna

It’s no secret that I have a crush on Rihanna. Not like my regular celebricrushes — Britney Spears was one until recently and I still have slight a crush on Lindsay Lohan. A style-crush is all about respecting their own personal style. And not some canned Hollywood stylists style, I am talking true style innovation.

Rihanna is different and different is good. She isn’t a total bad ass party girl, which is something I am usually drawn to. She isn’t a girl who is always at the normal celebrity shopping haunts like Kitson. She doesn’t even follow the trends, she sets them (the hair, the nails, the 80s style). Basically she is just like me, well minus that nagging the alcoholism and party girl ways (hehe).

The one thing I don’t usually notice about Rihanna is her footwear choices. Until now. Check out these awesome shoes by DSquared2 that she wore during one of her concerts. Do not adjust your monitor! These jagged little heels are intentional and totally bad ass. They are a brand spanking new style and $669 at Zappos.

Would you wear them?

4 thoughts on “My Style-crush: Rihanna”

  1. Kitty you look like Rihanna! You should throw a celebrity-theme party and be her. Cover yourself in cocktail umber-rellas and bust out in song.

    And i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. I wish I had the money to buy them right now.

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