Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 Trunk Show

This video is responsible for my sequins “cravings” yesterday. I love, love this fall collection from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Raleigh Sequence Sweater

There are two things that I just HAVE to order and if you spend over $350 on the collection you get a free tote bag that has a sweet zebra head on it. Here are my favorites from the collection:

This sequin sweater made me cry a little … little tears of joy. The picture of it here makes it look less special than it really is, you have to see it in the video to get the true effect.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Off the Deep End Tee & Concrete Jungle A-Line Miniskirt

It’s $548, which will of course kill any imaginary fall shopping budget that I create. I say imaginary because the word budget has almost no meaning to me, even though it really should.

I wish this Off the Deep End shirt was short-sleeved because I want to wear it now, that’s how much I love it. Someone might say that I have gone “off the deep end” myself but I can tell you that I have a bit more crazy in me to share before I officially crack. Start saving up for tickets now.

I am also a fan of this look because I love anything that has Miss Marc on it, plus the “leather” look jeans and blazer/vest combo are so versatile and can work season after season.

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