Mara Hoffman makes my heart melt (a little)

I tried this dress on at a store called Nicole while shopping in Larchmont this weekend and OMG did I fall in love or what?!

Mara Hoffman Print Sleeveless Draped Dress

I have been obsessed with Mara Hoffman since I saw her runway show during New York Fashion Week. I love the fabrics she uses and the retro vibe all of her pieces have.

This sleeveless draped dress is so 1920’s flapper but it that 1970’s disco appeal as well. It’s really unique and really, really sexy on. The fit of it is so unique that it’s pretty much impossible to describe, so I suggest you find one and try it on.

The one I tried on was a small but I have to say it ran a little big around the bust, so you may want to try a size down. tje dress was the last one in the store and I damn near shed a tear because I didn’t have $350 laying around to spend on a dress. Thank goodness I was able to find it on ShopBop! Once I get some extra cash I am definitely buying this dress.

Buy this dress at ShopBop for $352. Comes in size XS-L

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