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Today the new law in CA went into effect … Hands-free phone use while driving.

This isn’t going to be easy for me. I am a Blackberry addict and when that phone rings I am fast to pick it up no matter where I am! I dug out my old bluetooth headset from years past today and let’s just say, it’s busted. Not only is it busted looking I can’t ever figure out how to turn the damn thing on. You have to hold the button down and wait for it to blink 4 times, put it on, then you can’t hear anyone because you realize you turned it off instead of on.

The whole process is stressful to say the least so I am buying a new headset. The headset that I really want is the Jawbone but it’s $129 and that is just too much to spend on something that isn’t shoes 🙂

I ended up finding a really cool one on Amazon today. It’s by Jabra and it comes with 33 interchangeable faceplates!

Fashion + Technology = I heart the Jabra hands free headset.

Hands-free Hottie: Bluetooth Headsets

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  1. I’ve heard that hand-free headsets give off dangerous amounts of electromagnetic rays, or something like that. So.. yeah.

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