Dear Fashion Kitty, yellow jeans

I own a pair of beyond fabulous lemon yellow super skinny jeans that I bought at my favorite boutique.

I really wanted to go for violet, deep red, or blue…kind of like Serena’s look on Gossip Girl when she wore a gray scarf and tee shirt with a gold jacket, and blue Rich and Skinny jeans (“Blair Waldolf Must Pie”). However, I couldn’t get those colors, because these yellows were the last ones they had…and in my size! What luck!

Well, that doesn’t sound like much of a dilemma, but when I brought them home I struggled with what to wear them with. My first instinct was anything gray, and my friends backed up my assumption (gray and yellow are such a fantastic combo after all). But I wanted to go beyond the norm. White and gray would work, sure, but what ELSE? A muted purple maybe? A navy blue sweater with hints of red pipping?

I love these pants. They fit great and are definitely a fashion staple. My only question is, what should I wear them with? They’re a bit, “look at me!” so I need something plain, but classic on top.

Sounds like you have your problem solved already 😉 But here is a bit of advice. When I buy a crazy pair of pants or any article of clothing that isn’t an “ordinary” color, I say to hell with it and call it a neutral.

Cassette Skinny Denim

Pair them up with anything give it a shot. I mean look at Kylie — she has about every color of the rainbow in with those yellow pants.

If I owned these yellow jeans I would wear a loose fitting black and white animal print top with a shrunken deep purple leather jacket over top. Some bad ass ankle boots and a large black bag to top off the look.

I wouldn’t go with anything too classic because you will look like a boring girl who tried to show her wild side with yellow pants. If you MUST go plain, wear a white wife-beater and carry a cute bag.

Hope that helps! Now go rock your yellow pants.

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  1. i love that idea! especially about the wifebeater+clutch combo, and staying away from going too boring.. i have seen way too many women make that mistake and they truly did look like boring girls trying to go “wild.” i just doesn’t look fashionable.

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