“Black Rats” leggings, the new denim?

Australian fashion brand sass & bide, debuted their “black rats” leggings during Fall/Winter 2008 New York fashion week. Deemed to be the “new denim” of the season, the “black rats” are being scooped up left and right by celebrities.

Sass & Bide - Black Rat leggings

Will you be picking up a pair?

I have a sneaking suspicion that I will. Leggings won’t die so I may as well get the hottest pair I can find.

Buy them while you can for $174 at MyCatwalk.com

Fashion Factoid: These leggings were not originally intended for public release though have caused such a sensation, from New York to Sydney, that production has commenced and they will be here soon. (via MyCatwalk.com)

4 thoughts on ““Black Rats” leggings, the new denim?”

  1. I could wear leggings all season,actually.

    These are just the things to wear
    with tees,mini-skirts and Mary Janes.

  2. i would love to wear these!
    but i will probably be waiting for a knockoff version. these ones look like they would easily be dated.

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