Bargain Shopping, The Cube

As many of you saw a few weeks back, I took $50 to bargain retailer Marshall’s and went wild in their junior’s department called The Cube. I am not at all new to bargain shopping or places like TJ Maxx (which I call “The Teej”), Marshall’s, and Loehmann’s — I love those places but I often stay away from their junior departments for fear of not acting my age. But when Marshall’s sent me $50 for their junior department I decided to throw my ageism away and went for it.

When I walked over to The Cube I felt like I was walking into my junior high days, or at least what they should have been like. The department was peppy, pink, and perfect for scooping up the latest trends. The Cube was easy to navigate with prices that any babysitters salary could afford.

With my $50 I was able to pick up the following …

  • Peace sign tee for $7.99
  • Skull tee for $7.99
  • Madras plaid jacket for $15
  • Shorts for $12.99

Every time I wear any of those pieces I get a ton of compliments and they were cheap … like dirt cheap (without being poorly made). Next time I want fun, affordable clothes I am putting classic Britney Spears on the old iPod and heading over to The Cube.

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