Attn NY Girls! Staerk sample sale

Staerk - lace back tank

Since I just added this awesome Staerk top to my Lace Lust list on ThisNext, I figured I would post about the sample sale that is coming up this Tuesday in NYC.

Acne & Staerk- Sample & Stock Sale Event

Location: 145 West 18th Street (6th – 7th Aves)

Dates: July 22nd – 24th, T 1pm – 8pm, W – Th 10am – 8pm

Payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover

Prices: 50% – 70% off retail prices

Websites: and

About Acne

Thank you Jonny, co-founder of Acne, for being the force behind Acne. In 1997 he was inspired to create one hundred pairs of jeans for friends, family and clients. This spawned into what we now know as Acne, a brand that has rocketed to the top of the a-list celebrities’ most-wanted denim. Acne has received 5 awards for design, including some of the most coveted Elle’s “Designer of the Year” and “Denim Designer of the Year”; which is amazing considering Acne started as a branding company!

About Staerk

Danish born Camilla Staerk began her design career in London, where she was dubbed by British Vogue “a future star.” Top Shop (London’s version of H&M) has awarded her their New Generation Award three times. She has since relocated to New York, introducing new, more American ideas to her clothes, while maintaining her “Staerk-ness.” Inspired by suburban America in the early 1990’s, Walk With Me, her Spring/ Summer 2008 collection, is Camilla Staerk’s first official American collection. Drawing ideas for colors and silhouettes from a high school girl’s wardrobe, this collection plays with innocent colors mixed with restricting fabrics. An unexpected blend of textures and shapes brings a womanly air to this girlie collection.

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