Sex and the City movie …


I am DYING to share my opinion (it was so hard for me not to Twitter when it was over) but I know not everyone has seen the movie so I will keep hush-hush for a few days.

What I do want to say (has nothing to do with the story) is this … I noticed a few key trends that will soon be taking over every woman’s closet:

  • Belts! Studded belts to be specific
  • Maxi dresses
  • Gigantic hats
  • The revival of the Manolo (Christian Loubou-who?)
  • The shoe that will be knocked off around the world, the Dior Gladiator

5 thoughts on “Sex and the City movie …”

  1. I am already on the hunt for a “vintage studded belt” like Carries. And those Dior gladiators were on eluxury a couple weeks ago, but they’re practically sold out now!

  2. Ugh…Yawn and the Shitty. Borefest. I felt like I was watching the Balenciaga and John Galliano Fall 06 shows. Like a horrible time warp. Gladiators are so Spring 08. Dunzo! And if I saw one more scene that aped Philip Lim, I was going to fall asleep.
    Patricia Field is a lovely lady, but Anna Wintour she is not.

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